Muro de Alcoy famous handmade classical guitars

Muro de Alcoy is famous for classical guitars

Custom handmade classical and acoustic guitars.

Welcome! I’m a creative luthier, passionate about all stringed instruments. I learnt my craft in Muro de Alcoy, Alicante, Spain. A small town famous for many years for its highest quality, handmade classical and flamenco guitars. I’ve created this web-site to show my work and to inform as much as possible about the art of guitar building or Luthiery. I post my guitar builds in the blog with photos and notes regularly updated. I hope that you find the site informative.



classical hand-made handmade guitarhandmade rosetteIf you wish for your own unique, custom handmade classical, flamenco or steel string acoustic guitar, I’ll be glad to help with any queries. I can assist with all decisions from wood species to final polish, and can tailor everything to your wishes, so you receive the guitar of your dreams.  I build around twelve unique guitars per year, completion time varies depending on the design, with up to 200 hours of hand crafting, from brief to delivery is usually from eight weeks to sixteen weeks.



Classical Guitars

I learnt to build like the masters. Building classical guitars by hand using traditional tools and techniques. I have two distinct internal designs, producing radically different tonal qualities. I tailor the details of each build to the wishes of the client.

handmade classical guitar

Alma fan bracing.

handmade guitar classical french polished

Alma Classical in Black Walnut and Cedar.

My  Alma model follows the masters such as Torres and Hauser Sr with a traditional fan bracing pattern of either 9 or 7 fan braces. The soundboard is thicknessed and tuned according to the bracing pattern and can ultimately provide a range  of tones from the Spanish style, bright, responsive with clear fundamental to the German style, sweet, brooding and diffused.




kasha guitar handmade classical

Lucia bracing.

handmade guitar classical luthier

Lucia before closing the body.

My Lucia model (build #01 currently under construction) boasts a modern, Kasha/Schneider influenced bracing pattern, developed over many years and producing some remarkable sounding guitars. This guitar lends itself well to solo performance where it’s qualities can be fully appreciated. The full rich tone has excellent volume and sustain through a broader frequency range than the fan braced models. A wide range of musical genres sound wonderful played on this guitar. And don’t forget I can tailor all details to suit you and your playing style.


I build both models in a wide range of tonewood species for the back and sides, with Mahogany or Cedar necks and either Spruce or Cedar tops. I can help with the choices, feel free to contact me.



Steel String Acoustics

I build all sizes and shapes of steel string guitars by hand following traditional techniques. Incorporating the best principles of the American originators of the modern steel string acoustic I can craft a wonderful guitar tailored just for you. I also build some unique designs of my own and other creative luthiers. I’m currently working on some new designs, please check back to see my progress. You can follow the design process and builds in my blog posts. I have some exciting new guitars that will soon be available to buy or custom order.




Tonewood Plectrums

tonewood plectrumI hand carve a range of plectrums from the same tonewoods that I use  for my guitars. Just as each tonewood species affects the tone of a guitar, so does the plectrum material. Of course the shape and contour are vital for playability. For those who haven’t yet tried a genuine tonewood plectrum, there’s a world of difference awaiting you!



“To stand up on a stage alone with an acoustic guitar requires bravery bordering on heroism. Bordering on insanity.” – Richard Thompson

“The history of music is mortal, but the idiocy of the guitar is eternal.” – Milan Kundera

“Music shouldn’t be just a tune, it should be a touch.” – Amit Kalantri