Handmade Guitars

“The guitar is your first wings. It’s assigned and designed to unfold your vision and imagination.” – Carlos Santana

Every guitar I build is tailored to custom requirements. One-off builds are my speciality, I’m happy to collaborate with you over the design concept and all the various choices. From selection of the tonewood species to final finish and set-up, every step in the construction of a guitar affects the tone, volume, harmonic qualities and of course its looks.

I build and finish every guitar by hand to ensure maximum control over the tiniest details. As I am the only one working on the guitar I basically over-see everything, and I’m extremely fussy….


Hand Made Classical Guitar

Alma Traditional Free Build

hand made kasha classical guitar

Lucia interior with Kasha influenced bracing.

I learnt to hand craft my guitars like the old masters, using the traditional system of construction known as free assembly. Using just a full size working drawing, and a couple of templates traced from the drawings for the head-piece and body shape, the guitar is built on a guitar-shaped work-board called a “Solera” without the help of any mould or other construction aids.

The free assembly method produces a truly unique, one-off guitar. A true test of the luthier’s skills, I think the advantages far out-way the challenges involved. The result is a beautifully formed, perfectly resonant and responsive guitar unlike anything available from the large manufacturers.

If you have any queries or need advice feel free to contact me.

hand made kasha classical guitar

Classical Guitar Build Log – LUCIA

Construction has begun on my Lucia model classical guitar. Lucia is a modern classical guitar, the custom bracing pattern is influenced by the Kasha/Schneider approach to brace and tone bar design and positioning. Bringing a lively, dynamic sound, great sustain without sacrificing volume. Lucia lends superbly to solo performance, with ...
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handmade guitar french polish

Custom Classical Guitar Build Log – ALMA

Alma Classical Build Commission I have pleasure in receiving a commission to build a custom classical guitar to a client's exact specifications. You can follow the build as I up-date my progress here. I log my custom guitar builds with both written notes and calculations. Hundreds of photos record every ...
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