DIY Router Table

diy router table and fenceI’ve decided it’s time to drag myself into the 20th century (not the 21st century, I’m not ready for that yet). I’m going to make a router table.

I’ve always had a troubling relationship with technology. Never sure if machinery takes the “hand made” out of “hand made guitars”. But needs must, If I’m to compete in the modern world, I need to speed up some of the more mundane steps in the guitar building process. Allowing all the time I need for the truly creative parts of the build.

My first step along the road of “plugged in tools” comes in the way of a donated plunge router and assorted cutting bits. I have to admit to getting a little excited over the possibilities this tool provides. For guitar building, a router can help in many ways and when combined with a router table much more so.

This will make quick, accurate work of cutting the slot for neck reinforcements, following templates for basic head-piece shapes and other parts and a host of other tasks.

The following photos pretty much speak for themselves, they show the few simple steps taken to make a router table, I even got to use the router to help with some steps! A quick search on YouTube will provide you with lots of detailed information if you need it to make your own router table.


diy materials

Scrap 30mm thick malemine

forstner bit

Hole cut with forstner bit.

rebate for router base

Cut rebate for router base using the router!

mark for mounting holes through base plate

Mark mounting holes through base plate.

mounting holes

Rebate or countersink holes on top surface.

mounting router

Use longer screw of the same thread to mount the router.

 measure height of router

Check height of router plus clearance.

support legs

Make up some sturdy sides/supports.


Drill pilot holes, use good glue and screws.

diy router table with Lichtenberg figure

This piece sports a Lichtenberg Figure (but that’s a different story).

diy router table out of scrap

The basic router table.

table fence components

Parts needed to make the fence.

table fence

Mark out for the clearance hole over the cutting bit.

 table fence clearance hole

Cut the clearance hole.

diy router table fence supports

Position the 90deg fence supports like this.

diy router table vacuum hose hole

Fix a cover over the middle 2 supports with a hole for a vacuum hose.

diy router table hose attachment

Like this!

diy router table fence clamping

Add tabs for clamping the fence.

diy router table and fence out of scrap

Use and enjoy!