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Pick Your Plectrum

351 Standard plectrum

Here’s my range of plectrum shapes and tonewoods available. Simply pick your plectrum! I’ve made it easy for you to simply select your preferred plectrum shape and tonewood below. Please remember that I carve and finish every plectrum individually by hand, dimensions can vary slightly but are usually within 0.1mm of the sizes stated. The contour …

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Three Tonewood Plectrums Oak and Santos Rosewood

oak rosewood tonewood plectrum

Specially selected set of three tonewood plectrums. Santos Rosewood (origin Brazil) and Spanish Oak. These three beautifully crafted plectrums have been specially selected for a range of playing styles and instruments. All are highly polished with the wood pores left open for a comfortable, absorbent grip. Complete with a black velvet pouch, an ideal gift! …

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Two Unique Santos Rosewood Plectrums

perfect tonewood plectrums

Stunning Set of Two Genuine Santos Rosewood “351” Standard and 351 Thick’n’pointy shaped Guitar plectrums. Two carefully selected, beautifully crafted picks to form an ideal pair. Hand made from the highest quality Santos Rosewood with parallel, fine-grained quarter sawn wood, the grain straight from back to tip, resulting in very strong picks which should last …

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351 Standard Santos Rosewood Plectrums

351 standard plectrum

Stunning Set of Two Genuine Santos Rosewood “351” Standard shaped plectrums. The colour is deceptive depending on the light, from rich reddish-brown to almost black with stunning grain pattern, figure and contrast. Complete with a black velvet pouch, an ideal gift! I hand craft Barefoot Luthier Plectrums with care from the same genuine tonewoods that …

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Teardrop Santos Rosewood Plectrums

teardrop santos rosewood plectrum

Set of Two Genuine Santos Rosewood Wide Teardrop shaped Plectrums. Complete with a black velvet pouch, an ideal gift! Hand crafted with care from the same tonewoods that become my guitar backs. These plectrums bring a new life to your guitar’s sound. A really rich, full and brilliant tone and great volume. Highly polished with …

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Heart Shaped Santos Rosewood Plectrum

heart shaped Santos Rosewood plectrum

A perfect gift for all guitarists, complete with a black velvet pouch. Stunning heart-shaped exotic Santos Rosewood (origin Brazil) guitar plectrum/pick. Barefoot Luthier Plectrums are hand crafted with care from genuine tonewoods by myself here in Alicante, Spain. Every pick is unique.   The soft chamfered point demands a solid tone on picked notes and …

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