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Voicing a guitar

voicing a guitar, carving braces

What is meant by voicing a guitar? Voicing a guitar is a technique of “tuning” the top or soundboard and also to a lesser extent the back by selectively trimming/carving the braces and tone bars and listening to the changes in response vibrations of the top to taps/knocks while held around the fretboard area or …

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Little jobs that local folk need doing..

Little jobs that local folk need doing

Little jobs that local folk need doing.. Repair a loose drawer front.   “You can’t get anyone out to fix these things any more”. Usually followed by something like: “There used to be a good carpenter in the village, but he retired.” I’m told this increasingly often these days. So, as humidity remains sky-high following …

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DIY Router Table

diy router table and fence out of scrap

I’ve decided it’s time to drag myself into the 20th century (not the 21st century, I’m not ready for that yet). I’m going to make a router table. I’ve always had a troubling relationship with technology. Never sure if machinery takes the “hand made” out of “hand made guitars”. But needs must, If I’m to …

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Classical Guitar Build Log – LUCIA

hand made kasha classical guitar

Construction has begun on my Lucia model classical guitar. Lucia is a modern classical guitar, the custom bracing pattern is influenced by the Kasha/Schneider approach to brace and tone bar design and positioning. Bringing a lively, dynamic sound, great sustain without sacrificing volume. Lucia lends superbly to solo performance, with her ability to delight both …

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A Brief History of the Classical Guitar

history of the guitar early baroque

The guitar has a fascinating history of development over more than 400 years, although its origins are open to debate. Some believe it is indigenous to Europe, while others think it is an imported instrument.¬† Ancient carvings and statues recovered from Egyptian, Sumerian, and Babylonian civilizations¬† show guitar-like instruments. The tambur and setar of Iran …

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Custom Classical Guitar Build Log – ALMA

handmade guitar french polish

Alma Classical Build Commission I have pleasure in receiving a commission to build a custom classical guitar to a client’s exact specifications. You can follow the build as I up-date my progress here. I log my custom guitar builds with both written notes and calculations. Hundreds of photos record every stage of construction. You can …

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